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  summary of our wholesalers  

We cooperate with different wholesalers in the bakery channel and out of home. Our products can be ordered with subjoined wholesalers, among others, and are offered in stock. You can place orders at your own wholesaler and they will take care of the invoicing and deliveries.


Our products can be ordered at subjoined wholesalers:

Backershuys   www.backershuys.nl
Back Beko IJsselstreek   www.bby.nl
Weba- Inco   www.weba-inco.nl
Beko Zuid   www.beko-zuid.nl
Grobak   www.grobak.nl
Van Ham Groothandel   www.vanhamgroothandel.nl


Ingredients invoice
These are available at request.
For specific questions, you can send an e-mail to Peter Goemans Versbakkerij.